Cell Line Development: NBEs and Biosimilars

Our prolific experience in cell line development of NBEs and Biosimilars as well as the stable and robust BNS host cellTM allows us to generate top performing cell lines with high product quality.

Highlights of Cell Line Development

Gene Synthesis, Expression Vector, Host cells, Transfection, Amplification, Clone screening and selection, cell line stability, and cell banking

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Process Development

Our proficiency in process development and large scale manufacturing extends from pre-clinical to commercial, and enhances consistent performance from R&D to manufacture

Highlights of Process Development

Media Development, Upstream and Downstream Process Development, Assay Methods Development, Scale-up and scale-down Model Development, and Tech transfer Support


With our practice in regulatory support, micro-scale and large-scale equipment and instruments, as well as strong operational skills, we provide a vast array of services and programs.

Highlights of Services

Regulatory Affairs including US, EU, Canada, China, Korea and Japan, New technology Evaluation and Support, and Biotechnology Training Program

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