About Bionova

Bionova Scientific® is a biologics CDMO focused on developing and manufacturing recombinant protein products using mammalian cell culture processes.

Bionova CDMO Headquarters Building

Bionova was founded on a simple principle…

Bionova’s founders believed that the best way to build a scientific services business was to bring together top scientific talent, arm them with the best available tools, and set them loose in an agile, energized culture focused on solving difficult client problems.

By building a company that could tackle the toughest biopharma challenges, Bionova would position itself to excel on everyday projects too. Today, that vision lives in a world-class team and facility that delivers unmatched CDMO services for our clients.

Patients await your cure.
We make the wait shorter.

Everything we do at Bionova Scientific is designed to bring your protein therapeutic to patients faster.

We’ve spent years refining agile approaches to move faster in solving some of the most vexing challenges in biotherapeutics.

Today, backed by the global power of Asahi Kasei, we continue to push the boundaries of bio-productivity. From early cell line development to commercial biomanufacturing, we help you build robust molecules with robust processes. We shave minutes, days and months while making your life easier along the way.

Bionova Scientific: Where concept becomes cure