Protein Production Services

Bionova Scientific™ offers rapid protein production utilizing transient transfected CHO and HEK293 cells or stable pools to enable acceleration of a client’s proof of concept activities (up to hundreds of milligrams). We apply standard column chromatographic steps for protein capture/purification and customize formulations for stability. Analytics include protein concentration (A280) and protein aggregation level (size exchange HPLC). Extra product quality assessment, such as IgG purity (CE-SDS), charge variants (icIEF), and endotoxin level are also available. The minimum time requirement is about 4 weeks

Research Material Generation:

Monoclonal antibodies, Polyclonal antibodies, Glycoproteins, Enzymes, Fc-Fusion Enzymes, Antigens, Fabs, (Fab)2s, Bi-Specifics

ExpiCHO Expression System

Up to 20L shake flask production

Stable Pool Production:

CHOZN® Platform (Sigma)

Up to 50L bioreactor production

Antibody Frangements
Courtesy: Gustav Rodrigo, Antibody Fragments and Their Purification by Protein L Affinity Chromatography, Antibodies 2015, 4(3), 259-277