Project Management

In many ways, the Project Management team is the face of Bionova to clients. We manage all aspects of project scope and timing internally and externally and communicate regularly with clients. We seek to build trust and to become an indispensable resource to clients.

A Unique Vantage Point

A Project Manager is often the one person who sees a client program all the way through. Because we work across the entire operation, we can see the big picture. We look for opportunities to streamline and save time across functional groups, always seeking ways to expedite and ensure success.

A Single Point to Connect the Dots

Each client is assigned a single project manager who will be with them from start to finish. We are uniquely positioned to see the big picture — both for the client’s project and for Bionova’s internal operations. This enables us to facilitate communications and ensure that programs run efficiently.

A Player/Coach Approach

Our Project Managers are scientists who have worked in labs or on the plant floor. We apply practical expertise and understanding to identify problems, help with troubleshooting, work with internal team. We are more of a “player/coach” than just a coach.

Adjusting to Evolving Dynamics

We understand that clients live in a dynamic world where circumstances change and their needs evolve. As new needs emerge, we adjust and help clients figure out how to get done what they need.

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