Protein Production Services

Rapid protein production to support your R&D needs

Bionova Scientific offers rapid protein production utilizing either transient transfected CHO and HEK 293 cells or stable transfected pools or clones to enable acceleration of your proof-of-concept activities (up to gram quantities if required).

Small Scale. Big Capabilities. Flexible Options.

Our material supply services are scaleable to meet your needs, from bench scale shake flasks to 50L cell culture in our pilot facility. In some cases, we can run at even higher scale to deliver dozens of grams meet your protein needs for animal studies or other requirements.

Our experienced team employs standard column chromatographic steps for protein capture and purification and customizes formulations for stability. Typical analytics include protein concentration (A280), endotoxin and protein aggregation level (size exchange HPLC). Extra product quality assessments, such as IgG purity (CE-SDS), charge variants (icIEF), and binding assays are also available. Tell us what you need and our flexible team will figure out how to get it done.

High throughput protein production platform

Research Material Generation

Protein Expertise:  Bionova’s team offers deep expertise in the following protein types:

  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Polyclonal antibodies
  • Glycoproteins
  • Enzymes
  • Fc-Fusion Enzymes
  • Antigens
  • Fabs
  • (Fab)2s
  • Bi-Specifics

Transient Production:  Bionova offers transient production in CHO and HEK 293 cells at production scales up to 20L shake flasks.

Stable Pool Production

When you need stable pool or clone production, Bionova offers transfection and material supply at up to 50L bioreactor scale in your expression system of choice, with platform or customized downstream processes.  For some programs requiring more research material, we’ll run even larger batches.

Versatile Production Methods

Depending on your programs needs or the specifics of your product, Bionova can generate research material in incubator shakers, WAVE or stirred tank bioreactors, using fed batch or perfusion processes. We often integrate multiple small scale runs with our upstream process development group to refine process parameters while also generating material.  Downtream processes can be customized as well for additional polishing/TFF/filtration steps following initial capture.

Protein production purification equipment

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