Upstream Process

Bionova Scientific™ offers 60+ lab scale single-use bioreactor to increase design flexibility and ensure rapid turnaround time. We develop upstream processes with our proven BNS upstream process development platform using commercial media. We also have extensive experience optimizing existing process.

Other services include:

Media / Clone Screening

Glass Bioreactors: Customized glass vessels for Perfusion

Single Use Bioreactors: 3L, 10L, 50L, 250L and 500L

Filtration Studies: Media & Harvest

Process Characterization

Process verification at scale

Other custom solutions

Bioreactor and Perfusion systems include:

Ambr® 48 – 15 mL High Throughput Mode

Ambr® 12 – 250 mL High Throughput Mode

Finesse® with DeltaV system and Applikon stations with interchangeable glass and single use bioreactors including Mobius® and BioBLU®

ATF and TFF perfusion systems

HyPerforma Single Use Bioreactor (200 L) by ThermoFisher

Allegro™ Single-Use Stirred Tank Bioreactor (200 L) by Pall

Xcellerex XDR Cell Culture Bioreactor (500 L) by Cytiva

Analyzers and Instrument include:

Vi-CELL® XR, Cell Counter and Cedex HiRes Analyzer

Cedex Bio HT analyzer and BioProfile® Flex2™ analyzer

Siemens RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas Analyzer

Advanced Instruments Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Zetasizer Nano for Particle size analyzer

Hach® Turbidimeter