Who We Serve

Exceeding expectations for clients large and small.

Massive or Mini. Domestic or Global.

Bionova serves a wide range of global biopharmaceutical clients.  Our full range of capabilities and our commitment to exceed expectations are enjoyed today by some of the world’s top 10 global biopharmas, several vibrant virtual firms with unlimited ideas but limited capabilities, and many others in between.

Turnkey or Off the Menu

Bionova serves as an end-to-end development and manufacturing partner for smaller companies that lack the infrastructure or bandwidth to advance their development candidates in-house. For mid to larger firms, we frequently are called upon to act as an extension of in-house capabilities when those resources are at capacity. The industry also trusts Bionova to step in when specialized capabilities are needed to fill gaps in expertise.

Rare Expertise is Common at Bionova

When your product or program needs specialized protein expertise, Bionova is here to help. Our team excels in difficult to express proteins, challenging purification schemes and designing processes to achieve strict product quality attributes. Protein specialties include mammalian cell produced mAb, Fab, Fc-Fusion, TDC/ADC, DART, enzyme, and bi-specifics products. We are often called upon when in-house or incumbent CDMO resources are unable to overcome critical issues.

Downstream process development scientist

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