Why Bionova?

When evaluating biologics CDMO’s, every biopharmaceutical firm will base their decision on unique criteria.  We believe the core decision is typically made around technical capabilities, capacity and cultural fit. Since our founding in 2014, Bionova has established a track-record of exceeding customer expectations:  in our ability to deliver solutions to difficult technical challenges and in our focus on doing right by the customer at every turn.

When considering Bionova, we hope you will consider these three attributes that we believe form the core of our success:

We are Capable

Our founders were scientists with deep experience in cell line development, process development and GMP manufacturing. They believed it was essential to build Bionova around a team of similarly minded scientist and engineers. If we were to become a go-to resource for biopharma companies facing challenges, we would need to staff the company with the “best-and-the-brightest” in every role. As we have grown and expanded our capabilities, this guiding principle has remained a constant.

Why Bionova - Upstream Scientist at work

We are Well-Equipped

Great scientists and engineers require great tools to do their work. In a rapidly evolving field like biopharmaceuticals, this often means investing in the latest technologies to help clients break through previously impenetrable barriers. It also means creating infrastructure at a scale that can keep complex, time-sensitive programs moving forward at all times. We hope you’ll plan a visit to Bionova’s headquarters, where you will find a biologics development and manufacturing facility that equals companies many times our size.

We Care

Bionova intentionally hires professionals who are passionate about their science and about serving clients. Once on board, they are encouraged to make client success the highest priority. As proud as we are of our scientific strength and state-of-the-art facility, the thing that makes us most proud is hearing customers rave about how our great team has gone above and beyond to meet or exceed their expectations. We know our success depends on their success, and clients see that we really embrace that.

We look forward to hearing from you soon to learn how Bionova might help your organization move forward!

Why Bionova - Downstream Scientist at work

Bionova would love to hear from you.